We’re excited to introduce to you our newest team member, Sarah George! Sarah and her family have lived in Steiner Ranch for three years now and she began her real estate career last year, making the move over to the Steiner Life Real Estate Team in the spring.

About Sarah George

Sarah’s already pretty popular with the ladies of Steiner Ranch, as she’s also the owner of Style Revival, an online boutique, but her true passion is real estate. Once her children became school-aged, she knew she wanted a career she could dive into and call her own. “My past career experience has always been high demand, result driven customer service, first working for hotels in events and then owning my own event company, which specialized in weddings. I wanted to take the passion I have for helping people navigate through a milestone in their lives to the next level by helping them find and settle into a place that makes them truly happy,” Sarah says.

Sarah George hit the ground running with her new career, proving herself to be a go-getter with creative marketing ideas for her listings and open houses, and an attention to detail that her clients appreciate.

Rita Fellers, a Steiner Ranch resident, recently hired Sarah George as her Realtor and says, “Sarah George is a fabulous Realtor! Not only did she sell our home in 11 days, but she gave us really valuable suggestions regarding our staging. She has a warm, friendly demeanor and is very outgoing! Sarah is so easy to talk to and to do business with! She has great style and you can tell she takes pride in her work and is on point with every detail. We have recommended her frequently and would 100% use her in the future.”

Sarah’s Story

It’s no surprise that Sarah receives glowing reviews because she always puts her clients first. “It sounds cliché but I really love helping people,” she says. “When a client comes to me, my goal is to not just help them find a home or sell a home, but take on the stress and challenges that come with that so that they can have a positive and enjoyable experience. My personal experience of uprooting my family and moving to Austin has given me the ability to see the differences of life here compared to other areas. I love showing buyers, especially those from out of state just how amazing Austin is. My close friends know that when I find something I love that makes my life easier, more fun and more fulfilled I will tell everyone about it. Austin and specifically Steiner Ranch are my something!”

What drove Sarah to Steiner Ranch is why so many of us love living here. “Driving past the lake and into the hills of Steiner Ranch took my breath away. I was sold on living here from that point on. The more I researched the community, schools and local amenities it confirmed that this would be the best place for our family to settle. It’s been one of the best decisions we have ever made,” she says.

Once she settled in, she realized Steiner Ranch had even more to offer. “The community is like no other. Everyone who lives here is so involved and invested in keeping this community safe while helping it grow. All the people I have met are truly exceptional and really go out of their way to help one another. Having moved from out of state and away from my family, I feel this community has become our family. We feel lucky and very blessed to call this place our home.”

Community Involvement

Sarah and her family—including husband Stephen, daughter Neha, and son Noah—have jumped right in to all the activities Steiner offers. “As a family we love the Steiner Ranch pumpkin patch that is held every year at John Simpson Park. It’s not only a great time for the kids with activities, games and a petting zoo but it’s fun for my husband and I to catch up with friends and neighbors. My daughter and husband love doing the Jingle Bell Fun Run every year. On our list for next year is Run the Ranch. There are so many fun activities and ways to get involved and meeting people here in Steiner it really makes living here a great experience.”

You can also find Sarah participating in school and sporting events. “Being a mom with school aged children here in Steiner Ranch I’m always involved in school activities and events. I enjoy helping out while being able to spend quality time with my children. My daughter plays softball for LTYA down in Bee Cave so I’m an official softball mom helping with games and team get-togethers.”

It’s not just all about the kids, though, “I also love to network and meet up with other local small business owners here in Steiner,” she says. “I love meeting people who are in the same stage of life as I am. It’s so great to be able to meet someone and connect in a meaningful way, whether it’s through children, sports or hobbies. Through community involvement I have met some of my closest friends and have really helped my family transition Steiner Ranch into our home.”

Relocating and Meeting People

With so much involvement it’s been easy for Sarah to make friends here in Steiner. “I love reality TV and the Steiner Bachelorette Group are my ladies! We have so much fun getting together to watch each episode, have some wine and catch up. Most of the time I end up only watching parts of it since I’m too busy laughing and chatting it up. There are so many fun groups here for moms and ladies who just want a break from the day to day.”

Sarah and her family moved here from California, so she understands the questions and concerns out-of-state buyers have about moving to the area. She goes above and beyond to make her clients feel educated about the process of moving to Texas and helps them get plugged into their communities.

Why does she think you should move to Steiner Ranch? “One word: Community. If you’re looking for an area that brings you in, gets you comfortable and helps you create your home, Steiner is it. What makes Steiner Ranch so unique is that it is a community of people from all over the country that are looking for the place they can call home. People here want to be involved and make connections to help them settle into life here. It’s pretty amazing to think that a small community in the hill country of Texas can have such a diverse group of people all coming together to make a home.”

If you’re in the market to buy or sell your home soon, you’ll love working with Sarah George — contact her today!

Sarah George, REALTOR®
email: sarah at steinerlife dot com