Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I went down to the boat ramp to take a quick video of the boat ramp that feeds into Lady Bird Lake (also known as Lake Austin and the Colorado River). For those of you that aren’t from Austin, this body of water is a “constant-level” lake that’s level is managed by the Mansfield Dam just a bit further upstream.

If you drop your boat in here, you can enjoy a fun-filled day of either cruising from here all the way to downtown Austin! Along the way, you can stop for lunch at Ski Shores or Hula Hut.

Many Steiner residents own a boat and store it in their garage (no storage fees!) On the weekends it does tend to get busy down here, but on this weekday, it was calm and relaxing with only one or two trucks w/ trailers in the parking lot.

Easy access to this boat ramp at the end of Quinlan Park is just another great perk of living in Steiner Ranch!

Steiner Ranch Lake Club

Steiner Ranch also has its very own Lake Club — an amenity center that is maintained by the HOA! Features include an access-controlled pavilion with restrooms, a playground, several BBQ pits with picnic tables, and a public boat launch. The pavilion can be reserved through the Steiner Ranch HOA.

Event Calendar

Here is the calendar of events and reservations at the Steiner Ranch Lake Club: