Today was Steiner Ranch’s annual Run the Ranch event. Here is a look at what took place, what you might have missed, and what you can expect to find at these community events in Steiner Ranch.

Full disclosure: we did not run in any of the events this year, but we did come out and enjoy the festivities that followed the race!

A Mix of Dedicated Racers and Family Fun

Some serious competitors came out for today’s event. I was there when they announced the winning times, and the fastest men’s time was just after the 16-minute mark for the 5K, and the fastest women’s time was somewhere in the 18th minute. Impressive!  But don’t fret: there were also people finishing up around the 48-minute mark too, so don’t feel like these events only attract professional athletes.

Support from the Community and Local Businesses

There were bounce houses for the kids, a face-painting booth, a raffle giveaway of a Coca-Cola bear, free snow cones and donuts and much more!

Vendors and small businesses that sponsored the event had their booths setup near the finish line in Town Square Park. Booths ranged from Big Kahuna Donuts to Allgood Chiropractic and much more!

We ran into (well, we “saw”) a bunch of our neighbors at the event, and that’s what makes it a fun time! The Steiner Ranch community loves to be involved, and it makes every event a huge success!

About the Organizing Charity

Run the Ranch is organized by the Hill Country Special Needs Alliance, an organization designed to assist families with special needs children in the Four Points area.

Final Thoughts

What a great event! Steiner Ranch is an active community, and there are several events like this one throughout the year. They are a great way to make new friends, support the community and contribute to a great cause. It’s one of the many reasons that we enjoy living in this vibrant Austin neighborhood.